Build a better brand


Attract more customers.

Attract and keep the best staff.

Attract new business partners.

Grow your reputation.

Grow your value.

Brand ReBoot

Brand ReBoot


A clear mentored 4-step strategy to creating a powerful brand. It will provide a branding blueprint for a new business. It can also be a brand health check for an existing brand.

Define your brand

Initially, an online questionnaire to all stakeholders. Completed individually, its goal is to define a vision for the brand, its attributes and benefits, personality, values and purpose. We ask stakeholders to determine the culture they’d like to create and how they’d like clients, suppliers and partners to feel about the brand.

Refine your brand

Collated and curated questionnaire answers form the basis of the draft Brand DNA. This is then refined in a workshop with brand owners and key stakeholders. This ensures that everyone agrees on what you want your brand to be.

Express your brand

The outcome is a clear blueprint for the way forward. Every important brand characteristic has been defined. Next we distill your brand DNA into a Brand Mantra that ensures that every piece of communication is delivered consistently and persuasively.

Live your brand

The final stage is a workshop to analyse every facet of business to ensure that the brand’s values, personality, culture, attributes and benefits are delivered across the board.

5Sense Sensory branding program



Mention brand ID to most people and they think visually. Name, logo, maybe typeface.

Sight is only one sense. What might happen if you engaged every one of your audience’s senses?

Your brand can become famous for a sound (MGM’s lion, NYSE’s opening bell), colour (breast cancer pink, Cadbury purple), softness (Cottonelle), design (Apple), or quietness (Lexus). Audiences can recognise your brand by tone of voice, or sense of humour.

The program

Discover how your mind recognises and processes sensory information. Learn famous examples of sensory branding. And a few surprises – such as how a perfume improved a car’s quality perception.

The 5Sense formula

This step-by-step program identifies the best opportunities for your brand to stand out. It helps you find gaps in the market, unmet audience expectations and undeveloped competitive positions – all based on your audience’s senses.

The outcome

Your brand’s sensory profile, as unique as human DNA. Like DNA, this becomes the building block for your brand’s development. With time, even without seeing your logo or brand name, your audience will identify your brand instantly.