Master insight-based communication


Your audience listens to people who understand them. They don’t hear those who don’t.

They listen to people they like. They don’t hear those they dislike.

Insights open the door to emotional connections.

When you make an emotional connection, you make a lasting impression.

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Deep Human Truth

Deep Human Truth


All insights are factual. Few facts are insightful.

Insights are linked to needs – from primal & survivalist to emotional and egocentric.

Not all insights are equal. Some are potent, others impotent.

Insights hide behind barriers – of our own making and our environment’s.

Insights make good stories. Facts rarely do. People share stories, but rarely facts.

The program

Understand what drives us. The hierarchy of needs.
Identify barriers to insightfulness. What we don’t see past the facts.
A fact in insight’s clothing. How to spot a fake insight.
Meet the world’s most famous insight.
Not all insights are equal. Potent versus impotent insights.
Learn to turn facts into insights. WWW&H, a simple foolproof technique.
Identify insights behind famously successful products & communications.

The outcome

You’ll have mastered a technique you can use on demand in the future to uncover potent insights behind banal facts.
You’ll have identified a truth about your audience that few, if any, competitors have found.
You will have the foundation for a deep communication with your audience.

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Voice Check

Voice Check


With clear, optimised communication, you can expect to:

  • Win 10%* more new business
  • Reduce calls to your customer centre by up to 38%*
  • Increase your website page engagement by 25%*
  • Increase comprehension of your content by up to 80%*
  • Improve your customer satisfaction rating by up to 76%*

So, where do you start? First step is to analyse your communications. We will identify problem sentences and words on your website pages and documents. We’ll rank your content for readability.

Second step is to simplify and clarify problem content. As we make improvements, you’ll see your readability score increase in real time.

The final stage is to introduce software that helps your content creators write clear, concise, and effective copy every time.

Clarity’s worst enemies:

  • Long sentences
  • Passive voice
  • Ambiguous words
  • Unnecessary adjectives and qualifiers

We’ll get rid of all of them.

*Figures are averaged validated client improvements.

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