Creativity is the skill of the future

Solve unsolved problems

A pharmaceutical company saved $30m by creating ways to accelerate the drug approval process.

See unseen opportunities

An electrical engineering company developed 60% more viable ideas thanks to a creativity program.

Improve your position

Companies that invested in creativity outperformed the Wiltshire 5000 Index by 6.5% with 10% less risk.

ROI on creative problem-solving program
(Electrical manufacturer)
Growth in a market shrinking 5% p.a. (Beverage client)
Increase in patent licensing fees
(Software developer)

Your creative genius


Creativity is THE skill of the 21st century (Sir Ken Robinson).

It’s the 3rd most essential skill for the future of work (World Economic Forum).

Sadly, there’s a 98% chance you have lost the very skill you need today.

The good news? You can reignite it. Easily.

The program

1. Where ideas come from

We’ll show you how your brain works. We’ll introduce you to the random connections that lead to breakthrough ideas. We’ll demonstrate why 2 brains can come up with ten times as many original ideas as one brain.

2. Who stole your creative genius

At 5, 98% of us are as clever as rocket scientists (according to NASA). By 25, only 2% still are. So where did your genius go? Learn the things that kill your creativity (including things you do to yourself).

3. How to steal it back

Losing your belief in your creativity happened over many years. Luckily, getting it back can start in just 4 hours. Seriously. Once you learn how, the rest is easy.

4. The proven ROIs on creativity

If a business makes creativity its priority, here’s what will happen. Staff will be happier. They’ll take fewer sickies. They’ll get more done in less time. The business will attract and keep the best people. The business will out-innovate its competitors. It will make more money (IBM grew income 3300%). These are all validated ROIs. Real companies have discovered the real benefits of making creativity a priority.

5. Leonardo’s Box of Tricks

What’s in Leo’s Box of Tricks? Over 30 creative thinking tools, with a user’s guide for each tool.

There’s a perfect tool for any project. Get ideas faster than ever. Better ideas. Unexpected ideas. Dozens of them. Ideas for everything from a new promotion to a complete rethink of the way business is done.

You’ll be able to subscribe to Leonardo’s Box of Tricks to use whenever you need a fresh idea. Simply answer a few questions about your project and get recommendations on the best tools to use.

Leonardo's Box of Tricks
Leonardo Light 4-hour workshop

If you have a specific and immediate problem to solve, we’ll devise a half day workshop to generate dozens of unexpected solutions. Brief us on what you need help with. We’ll determine the best tool for the job and as a group we’ll use the tool to generate original ideas.

Hello Leonardo – The book

Greg is currently writing the book of the program. It will contain everything that’s in the full Hello Leonardo program. And it will include lifetime access to Leonardo’s Box of Tricks.