A simpler, smarter innovation strategy


Accelerate your market success.

Learn two simple techniques to evaluate & prioritise ideas.

Book a comprehensive independent feasibility study.

Assemble the team that will give your project its best rate of success.

Control the new product life cycle to stay a step ahead.

The Go Button
The Go Button innovation acceleration program

So, you have some killer ideas. Learn a couple of simple techniques to determine which of them to develop first. Remove any subjectivity. Take emotion out of the process. It will be blindingly clear what idea will deliver the best results.

Check feasibility

Before committing money to your idea, let us check its feasibility. Our research team checks our database of 66 million patents. We analyse trends. We calculate market potential. We give you a report to help you decide if you should push the Go Button.

Build the best project team

Don’t assemble your project team based on knowledge or capacity. Build the team that will give your project its best chance of success. We’ll introduce a foolproof technique for identifying the people to guide your project to completion.

Cut the time from idea to IP

The Go Button dramatically accelerates the time from ideation to launch, and gives your innovation its best chance of success.

Manage your innovation’s lifecycle

Identify the perfect time to launch an update or a replacement. Stay a step ahead of competitors. Keep your innovation fresh and top of mind.

Push the Go Button now

Accelerate the innovation process. Cut the time to market.